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Whether its for your business or organization finding the  the right healthcare plan shouldn’t be difficult. Group Healthcare insurance plans, also known as employer group insurance, is Medical Insurance specifically created for a business’ employees. There are many advantages to offering your employees health insurance. Here are just a few:

Employee retention – People tend to think twice before switching jobs when their current job offers benefits

Tax Advantages – usually whatever you contribute toward your employees premiums can be a tax write-off

Liberal Underwriting – usually everyone gets accepted to a group plan regardless of health conditions
We can find a solution for your business regardless of the size of your business or the industry that you are in.

In order to be insured by the group insurance, usually a full time position is required by the company. Generally there is no health condition exclusions imposed provided that you are an employee of the company. Group insurance has open enrollment periods that vary based on the insurance provider and depending on the state you live in, the employer is required to contribute a portion of the Health Insurance premiums.

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